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These four evolution lines have in common concepts related to service orientation in a distributed planning and control agent-based industrial environment; today it is generally recognized that the Reduce myopia Oriented Enterprise Architecture paradigm has been looked upon as reduce myopia suitable and effective approach for industrial automation and manufacturing management and control.

Manufacturing systems are amongst the most complex and demanding artifacts in modern society but also amongst the most valuable ones. The challenges include coping with their heterogeneous nature and their on-line interactive nature in combination with competitive pressures.

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Off-line plans are known to become invalid within minutes after arriving on the factory floor. Therefore, researchers are looking into matching technologies which are able to answer these challenges.

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Holonic systems are, actually by definition, targeting such challenges. Agent technologies focus on interactive and decentralized aspects.

In particular, developments aim to deliver open systems and system components, as well as infrastructure and infrastructural components rather than closed systems. This open nature implies that developments will not solve industrial problem reduce myopia their own but reduce myopia contribute while avoiding the reduce myopia constraining of an overall solution.

Technological advances in wireless sensor networks are reduce myopia new levels of distributed intelligence in several forms such as active products that interact with the working environment and smart metering for monitoring the history of products over their entire life cycle and the behaviour of resources.

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These distributed intelligences offer new opportunities for developing techniques to reduce myopic decision making in manufacturing control systems thereby potentially enhancing their sustainability. Control architecture could itself switch modes of operation to adapt to severe disruptions.

reduce myopia

Manufacturing sustainability is reduce myopia in this special issue with respect to: fault-tolerance to disturbances; energy efficiency at resource and shop floor level; balancing resource usage; cost efficiency and in line quality control of products. Innovative services will be enablers and drivers of growth of next generation of manufacturing enterprises that are competitive and sustainable.

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Several frameworks are proposed for classifying, analysing initiatives and potentially developing distributed intelligent automation systems. These frameworks will be referred to in the book as the Distributed Intelligent Automation Systems Grid. In particular we are interested in systems in which the planning or execution of tasks normally associated with a centralized operational level reduce myopia reassigned to be carried out instead by a number of units at a different level.

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Reduce myopia conversely, a task normally using information from a single source makes use of data spread across a range of operations - and potentially a range of organisations. The book defines and explains the main ways to implement intelligent products: by putting intelligence at the object Intelligent Embedded Systems or through the reduce myopia network using Automatic Identification and Data Capture technology attached to the product to allow it to be identified by a computer system.

These technologies enable the automated identification of objects, the collection of data about them, and the storage reduce myopia that data directly into computer systems. The service-oriented multi-agent systems SoMAS approach discussed in the book is characterized by the use of a set of distributed autonomous and cooperative agents embedded in smart control components that use the SOA principles, i.

This approach is different from the traditional Multi-agent Systems MAS mainly because agents are service-oriented, i. Special attention is paid in the book to the framework for manufacturing integration, which matches plant floor solutions with business systems and suppliers.

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This solution focuses on achieving flexibility by enabling a low coupling design of the entire enterprise system through leveraging of Service Oriented Architecture SOA and Manufacturing Service Bus MSB as best practices.

Reduce myopia Manufacturing Service Bus MSB integration model described in some papers included in this volume is an adaptation of ESB for manufacturing enterprises and introduces the concept of bus communication for the manufacturing systems.

The MSB acts as an intermediary middle-man for the data flows, assuring loose coupling between reduce myopia at shop floor level.

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The book offers a new integrated vision combining complementary emergent technologies which allow reaching control structures with distributed intelligence supporting the enterprise integration reduce myopia and horizontal dimensions and running in truly distributed and ubiquitous environments.

Additionally, the enrichment of these distributed reduce myopia with mechanisms inspired by biology supports the dynamic structure reconfiguration, thus handling more effectively with condition changes and unexpected disturbances, and minimizing their effects. Reduce myopia an example, the integration of service-oriented principles with MAS allows to combine the best of the two worlds, and in this way to overcome some limitations associated to multi-agent systems, such as interoperability.

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A brief description of the book chapters follows. Part 1 reports recent advances and on-going research in sustainable manufacturing based on distributed approaches such as Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems. Distributed intelligences offer new opportunities for developing techniques to reduce myopic decision making in manufacturing control systems thereby potentially enhancing their sustainability. There are contributions analysing the concept of Intelligent Product and related techniques for Product-driven Automation.

The rapid development of reduce myopia concept is mainly due to the fact that, over the last decade, the increasing growth of embedded technologies e.

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Part 2 is devoted to Holonic and Multi-agent technologies for manufacturing control. The demand for large-scale systems running in complex and even chaotic environments requires the consideration of new paradigms and technologies that provide flexibility, robustness, agility reduce myopia responsiveness.

Holonic systems are, actually by definition, targeting challenges that include coping with the heterogeneous nature of industrial systems and their on-line interactive nature in combination reduce myopia competitive pressures. Multi-agents systems is considered as a suitable approach to address these challenge by offering an alternative way to design control systems, based on the decentralization of control functions over distributed autonomous and cooperative entities.

This part of the book gathers contributions on on-line simulation and on benchmarks aiming at delivering open systems which feature agility, optimization in hybrid structures, myopia decrease reduce myopia robustness.

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Part 3 approaches the trend of service orientation in the management and control of manufacturing processes. The service orientation is emerging at multiple organizational levels in enterprise business, and leverages technology in response to the growing need for greater business integration, flexibility and agility of manufacturing enterprises.